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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

March 26, 2010

For more quick takes visit Jennifer @ conversion diary!


This is my first 7 quick takes that I have ever participated in!


Currently, I am reading Wild Things, the art of nurturing boys.  Since we have been so incredibly blessed with 2 boy turkies, (as as we lovingly refer to them as) I though I might as well try to understand that gender a bit more.  I know little about why boys are the way they are since I am such a girly girl.  This book has been a lightbulb moment for me almost every other paragraph.  I found myself thinking, “Oh, so that is why Brayden hit me in the face when I was playing with him as I changed his diaper, he was showing me he loves me.”  😉


My favorite quote this week:  God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. 


I have totally failed on my Lenten promise.  I cannot decide, do I start again tomorrow or do I choose something different to do to finish off what feels like an incredibly long season of lent.  Last year I read out of proverbs daily and it blessed me immensely.  I’m thinking for this holy week to pick up on that idea again and start reading proverbs.


There is something that has been weighing heavily on me this week.  We have had our condo on the market to sell since Jan.  This week we have reduced our price in hopes we find a buyer.  I am in general not good with the unknowns of when and who and how much so this is stressful.  I know there is a lesson in this and that God is in control.  I am restless about it nonetheless.


The cutest little thing Brayden did this week:  He brought me a longenberger basket off of my shelf.  I then said, “yes Brayden, that is called a basket, can you say basket.”  He left and returned with a basketball and tried to put the ball in the basket. 


7 quick takes is seriously hard to do if you weren’t thinking of anything for the week and just sat down cold turkey to come up with some content.  Boy, I hope I get better at this blogging stuff or I might not gain any readers.  Ha, Ha

Have an awesome weekend!

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