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Small Successes

April 12, 2010

Maybe this is a topic you might be able to relate to?  If in my mid 20’s someone were to ask me where I envisioned myself in 5-10 years, I would have said “not here,  somewhere different, somewhere more”.  In college, we all have ideas of what our careers, family, homes, vacations (life) would look like. I was no different.  When I graduated there were lots of dreams and goals that were in my back pocket and well, lets face it, life was not measuring up.  I really thought my professional career would have been more, lets say, fulfilling.  My financial situation would be much more safe, my home would be much more updated, blah, blah I could go on. 

Fast forward.  Even though I still have ideas and unmet dreams and goals to try to reach,  I can say I am exactly where I thought I’d be now.  What changed during those times of trying to fit in and now?  I can say not much changed except my outlook on success.  People I admire most are really those who can carry themselves throughout life with a level of joy, optimism and happiness regardless of their current situation.  Nothing was missing in my life then just as nothing is missing now except for a contentment and appreciation for life’s journey.   Over the years, my definition of success has changed .  Along with it so has the outlook of my current success.  Instead of judging my life in terms of society’s definition of success, I’ve been able to study and learn and create my own definition to strive for.  Yet, even harder, judge myself according to God’s definition of success for my life.  Thats what really matters and that is even the bigger challenge!

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  1. Dennis permalink
    April 15, 2010 7:03 pm

    I agree with your assessment of success… Certainly, financial and material things are a part of the equation, but society makes it 100% of the equation. Now, if only I could concentrate and focus on those other successes more… that I think is the trick.

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