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Practical Ways

April 15, 2010

There are so many reasons I love to read other people’s blogs. Among them getting motivated, being inspired, learning new things such as yummy recipes (some even healthy),  mentorship, gaining tips about topics, buying creative and unique books or crafts, gaining spiritual knowledge and the list goes on.  If I ever get around to it or learn how to spruce up this horribly boring and bland site, I’ll post my blogroll.

Well this tip is neither profound nor complicated, but has helped my days, yeah! I had to blog about it and I can’t believe I didn’t think of something like this before.  Setting a timer!  Novel, I know, but listen for a few more paragraphs while I make my case. 

For example, I am one of those weird people who loves laundry.  I start a load first thing in the morning, switch it to the dryer (if I remember) and then my favorite part…folding.  What I hate, hate, hate is putting it away in the proper places.  So it’s usually just sitting around in the basket waiting to be taken to its home.  Another example, I could spend all day (and I mean from 7-7) on my computer.  Now this computer is awesome and has so many positive things, but it can also be a huge time drainer. Let alone, that is not the way I want my life to be remembered.  Oh yes, I can see it now, “my mom, she spent all day on the computer”.   No, those words will not be coming from my family members mouths.

So here is where the timer comes into play.  I’ll set a task, say laundry (the whole thing, folding and putting away) or computer time and use the timer on my cell phone.  I usually always have my cell phone with me.  I get 15 min. (or whatever alloted time), that is it! 

Why this works for me
1.)  It keeps me focused– Instead of spending 30 minutes on Facebook, I’ll spend a couple and move to email. Or instead of clicking on every link in the blog post I’ll just read the post and move to the next one. I only have 15 minutes, better use it wisely.
2.) It holds me accountable– Gone are the days of me spending too much time doing any 1 task, finish up and move on to the next.
3.) It makes my days more productive– There is more of a sense of urgency to the unimportant or mundane life tasks.  I’m a competitive kind of girl, I want to beat the clock!

When implemented, this has been working for lots of things from chores, to going outside, to computer work,  to individual time with the kids, to walking,  to reading/finishing books or audio recordings.  Really, you should try it and see if it makes you a bit more intentional about whatever your trying to do, big or small.

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  1. Kyle permalink
    April 19, 2010 9:57 pm

    I love it!!! Great insights, for those of us who are not parents, of the life of those who have the greatest influence on our future.
    When’s that ebook coming out b/c I will buy it!!



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