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Perfection doesn’t exist, but whining never helps either

April 21, 2010

Oh yowzers, I have just read a number of posts about differing versions of not being able to hold up to some certain standard of what their personal life should look like.  The attitudes/tones of these posts are ones of feeling burdened, overwhelmed, tired, irritable. In general a mess, really. Those things are part of my life.  Everyone is a hypocrite at some point in their life.  We just can’t be perfect, but whose trying?  I will admit I am the most imperfect mamma to 2 little boys there ever was.  As I am typing at my keypad I am sick, sick sick.  My brains feel like they are going to fall out, my living room floor is an absolute wreck, the garbage needs to go out, the table needs to be cleared of lunch plates, my bathroom could probably use a scrubbing, a folded load of laundry waiting to be put away (shocking, I know), and there has been a heaviness on my heart for 2 weeks now and that is just the start. I am not complaining, really, I’m just illustrating. 

So if I chose to write a post today about how truly grateful I am for our 1 hour walk today on a hunt for birds, squirrels, and dandelions, am I being unreal?  Or how I am so excited to pursue some of my million ideas swirling in my mind, does that add to the mommy bloggers who are putting on a front of “having it all together”.  I don’t think so, I think I’d just be choosing a different attitude over my day.  At the end of the day, I’m accountable for my attitudes, behaviors, and choices for that day.  Challenging and stretching yourself, hardships and all is part of this journey.  I can ask when will my life get more together, or why wasn’t I born with more domestic or quantitive skills and just wait…and wait….and wait. Or I could ask a more constructive kind of question. What few things can I do today to make our day run a little more smoothly? 

I would never want someone to visit this site and think I’ve got all the answers (ha, ha), but I don’t want to just whine and complain post after post either.  There has got to be a better way, there has to be, for all of us.  For our children, we all deserve more.

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